Private schools are a great option for many students. In Canada, they meet the same regulatory requirements as public schools, but offer additional services and resources to students. Many private schools have state-of-the-art facilities, individualized teaching approaches (maximum of 12 students per class in many schools), diverse academic programming, near-perfect post-secondary education placement rates, and stellar satisfaction rates from both students and their parents.

Elementary and Secondary Education

General information on pursuing grade 1 to grade 11 students for Canadian Schools only

  1. You must provide a one-year statement of transactions from personal bank account(s) (an original certified bank issued statement or a certified copy of passbooks), as well as fixed deposit certificates, savings certificates, PSP certificates or any other proof of savings.
  2. You must also demonstrate that sufficient funds will be available to support yourself during the whole duration of your program.
  3. Confirmation of any scholarship, grant, teaching or research assistantship including name of the providing institution or organization, amount per semester or year and duration.
  4. If partial or the total funds are provided by a sponsor (either parents or third party) you must also include:
    1. Notarized declaration of sponsorship. If you have more than one sponsor, a separate declaration must be provided for each sponsor. However, sponsors who are husband and wife can appear on the same declaration.
    2. Details of assets and income for each sponsor with supporting documents such as property documentation, land deeds, rent agreement, business license, business tax information, employment letter with salary information.
    3. You must also provide the income tax forms (tax assessments and tax paid receipts showing total income and amount of income tax paid) for the past two years.
  5. If someone other than yourself or your parents is providing funds you must include:
    1. Letter of explanation as to the reason why this person is assisting
    2. Number of persons living in this person’s household
    3. Proof of this person’s relationship to you; birth, marriage or school certificates, passport.
    4. Affidavits or self-declarations are not acceptable proof of relationship.
  6. Proof of Tuition fee payment
  7. 2 complete photo copy sets of all the above attested and notarized.


CAD 25,000 (some boarding high school up to CAD85000). At least 50% of the tuition fees must be paid before processing the visa

1500 dollars/adult/month, 500-700 dollars minor student/month. There are no additional living costs for the boarding schools

Education and living cost equivalent to BDT: 26 lacs to 50 lacs at the parents' account in FDR or in savings account form NOT in Current Account

All over Canada

English or French or English and French immersion

Private schools only

At least one year to 5 years

Either parent of the student(s) is not eligible to work in Canada since they will stay under visit visa category. The parents will not be allowed to obtain any Canadian driving license either. However, a valid driving license from Bangladesh will help parents to drive in Canada upto 90 days. If any parents intend to be a permant resident in Canada then they may apply under enterprenuer category, there are possibilities of obtaining a permanent resident visa once their application is accepted.

From September to June each calendar year from 7:30 am to 3:45 pm, Monday to Friday

On an average 5 months

Advance and at a time before visa

If a student visa is not granted then there is an administrative fee between 180-270 CAD.

The Facts


Canada's education is affordable and qualifications are well recognized by colleges and universities worldwide that sets you on a path to successful career.

Compulsory Education

Education is compulsory up to the age of 16 in every province in Canada, except for Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick, where the compulsory age is 18, or as soon as a high school diploma has been achieved

Academic Days

Canada generally has 190 (180 in Quebec) school days in the year. The school year runs from September to June. 172 days in British Columbia secondary schools

Schools Grades

Kindergarten isn’t compulsory anywhere in Canada. Elementary schools are grades 1 - 6. Secondary schools are grades 7 - 12 in most provinces; In Quebec, secondary school runs from grades 7 - 11.

Bilingual Country

Those wishing to study English as a Second Language (ESL) or French as a Second Language (FSL) may find Canada a particularly inviting destination, as it is an officially bilingual country.


Under the Canadian Constitution, provincial governments have exclusive responsibility for all levels of education. There is no ministry or department of education at the federal level.

Private Schools



  1. Independently funded.
  2. Co-educational, or boys only, or girls only.
  3. Smaller class sizes and lower teacher-student ratios.
  4. Full boarding or homestay programs available for international students.
  5. Annual fees for a boarding school education in Canada (including tuition, room and board) depend on the institution.
  6. The legal status of private schools varies across Canada as each province or territory is responsible for the regulatory environment of schools in its jurisdiction.

Some other reasons to choose private schools are:

  • caring atmosphere and strong community spirit
  • specialized girls’ schools 
  • supporting students with dyslexia and other learning exceptionalities
  • students are encouraged to stretch themselves, try new things, create and explore
  • create inquiring lifelong learners, compassionate and engaged global citizens, and confident caring leaders
  • helping guide the academic, social and emotional development so the students can become thoughtful, intelligent, balanced and successful

NOTE: Most provinces and territories require private schools to be registered with their ministries of education, and must meet the curriculum and other standards set by their respective ministries; however, they may operate differently.

In Ontario, for example, private schools operate independently without any oversight by the Ministry of Education. However, if a private school wishes to offer credits toward a secondary school graduation diploma they are inspected to determine whether the standard of instruction in credit courses meets ministry requirements

Admission Process

Select a school

Please select a school for your kid(s) based on your requirement, budget, preferred geographical location etc.


Complete an online application form, including the applicant’s profile, and submit your application fee of between $150 to $550. Applications for financial aid and scholarships can also be completed at this time.

After you Apply

After application please provide report cards for the past two years, submit a handwritten personal statement, provide a recent photo, a copy of your passport, immunization records and SSAT results (SSAT is a standardized test widely used by leading private schools in US and Canada and one of the key application requirements for International Students.
Test centres are located in Dhaka city only and test takes place once a month from October to June (excluding May).
SSAT test centers in Bangladesh: American International School of Dhaka, 12 United Nations Road, Baridhara, Dhaka, 1212,


Within two weeks of submitting your application, school authority will contact the parents to set up an interview. In the interview, particular school will review the application and have a chance to ask and answer any questions.
Both student(s) and parent(s) will also have the opportunity to meet other key members of the team and discuss the next steps. Interviews typically take approximately 1 hour.


Academic assessment varies and depending on the time of year and age of student, they are either written entrance examinations or in-class assessments conducted by the teacher.


Each applicant's file is considered by the Admissions Committee. Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Acceptance along with an enrolment contract.
The signed contract along with the non-refundable enrolment fee secures student’s spot.

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