Who we are

Gene Outsourcing is making the job easier for the Bangladeshi students to study in Canada. A student may expect A to Z services from us and from our partner organizations as well. We help students to select program, university, submit papers to obtain student visa etc. Prospective students are mainly referred by the families who have previously experienced our professional services. Our partner organizations provide their best customer services in Bangladesh while Gene Outsourcing Canada arranges accommodation and guide students and their parents so students can do brilliant result and their families can enjoy staying here in Canada.

Why Gene Outsourcing


Canada Focus

Our focus is Canada only. A student may expect elevated specialized services compare to some other existing consulting firms who offer similar services.


Professional and individual services

Our partner organizations pay individual attention from the very beginning till the end of services. It means they help each student to choose the right institute, course, provinces etc.


One stop solution

We are one stop solution to all of your international study needs while you dream about Canada. Our only aim is to help you beyond expectations to achieve your dreams.

Service Charges

Our partner organizations charge a very competitive fees depends on the amount of help a student may need. Sometimes they do not charge a single penny based on the student's academic performance and future goal.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Gene Outsourcing is paying back to Canadian and Bangladeshi society. As part of corporate social responsibility (CSR), each year Gene Outsourcing contributes to both in Canada and Bangladesh for Education and Climate change.

In Bangladesh

In association with LA VIE FOUNDATION - a not for profit organization, Gene Outsourcing provides school supplies for the rural Bangladeshi kids. Moreover, Gene Outsourcing participates in plantation for fighting against climate change. Please visit www.laviefoundations.org to know more.

In Canada

The members of Gene Outsourcing help Canadian kids to be integrated with the eastern and western culture. Part of this initiative, each year, Gene Outsourcing sponsors some ethnic groups in Ottawa and Toronto so the Canadian born kids can access some cultural programs, enjoy their fullest, and can learn and respect other ethnic cultures.


Universities are educational institutions attended after at least 12 years of school, or after secondary school, for studies leading to a degree and research. All Canadian Universities offer four year bachelors degree programs and one to two years master’s degree and a number also offer doctoral or PhD programs. Bachelor Degrees can be granted by Universities, some colleges and some Institutes in Canada. Community colleges usually offer technical or vocational courses or courses for transfer to a university, leading to a certificate or diploma. These colleges do not generally offer degree programs.

Colleges offer a wide variety of Career-oriented programs like Advance Diplomas/ Diplomas/ Certificates. These programs are specially designed to give students the opportunity to learn and develop many marketable skills in their preferred career. It emphasizes on the technical aspects providing hands-on experience and fundamentals of the program. These programs give the students a practical background that employers demand and help them get jobs easily. It may often happen that students who have completed a vocational program may get better jobs/salaries than those who have studied in a University Degree Program.

Yes. Health Insurance is mandatory. You will have to arrange for medical coverage before you arrive in. Medical coverage varies from province to province, and sometimes from university to university within each province.

Yes, your spouse or any dependant wants to work while in Canada, they must apply for their own work permit. Your Spouse Permit will be valid for the same period that you are authorized to study in Canada.

Students may work up to one year if they have completed a one year program and upto 3 years if they have completed 2 years or more programs.

We find the best possible institutes according to you subject of choice, financial strengths and availability of the courses. Moreover, if your existing documents are not ready to face visa, our partners will provide you professional guidelines and direction so that you can get the required documents appropriately.

  • Application Form and fees (if applicable)
  • Transcript (English)
  • All academic certificates and mark sheets in English
  • IELTS score
  • GMAT and Work experience are required for some business related programs.
  • Two or three letters of recommendation from either your instructor or former employer (if applicable)
  • Letter of intent
  • Resume/CV

EAs a full time student you are allowed to apply for employment on the college campus and / or for a co-op position. During the co-op term of your program you will be paid in most of the cases.

We have three offices in Canada, if any student need any sort of services after coming to Canada then Gene Outsourcing is happy to help students in various capacities.

From our own experiences we have seen that high ranked institutions have the highest graduate success rate. It means, those who studied these institutions were able to manage a well paid job. If it happens in your case then obviously you will get your return during or after completion of your study